Sustainability, our contribution at the ZDC...


Less plastic and a more efficient recycling cycle

At the ZDC we want to take responsibility and do something about today's plastic flood. Small changes can have a big effect:
  • Conversion from plastic packaging materials for guests to compostable materials in the meeting zone.
  • Conversion from compostable material to glass, china, etc.
  • Conversion from PET bottles to glass bottles in all areas.
  • Our disposable coffee cups are all manufactured from recycled cardboard. After the use, the cardboard is returned to the cycle via special disposal.
  • Bundling of disposal waste and collection by less suppliers.
  • One-way amenities in the guest rooms changed into reusable bottles.
  • To highlight the quality of our drinking water from the faucets in Switzerland we installed drinking water taps in the meeting zone and will place water carafes in the guest rooms.

We constantly rethink the origin of different products and thus adapt our range of beverages, food and snacks.